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The chemistry of pheromones and other semiochemicals. Volume 2.

Integrated Taxonomic Information System. Cassis, Australia. Gross Zoological catalogue of Australia: Hemiptera: Heteroptera Pentatomomorpha. Wheeler Tree of Life web project. Schaefer; John D. Javahery In Carl W.

Japanese Jewel Beetle

Heteroptera of Economic Importance. CRC Press. El Bouhssini; M.

Strange insect - Jewel Beetle (Burpestidae family)

Babi Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences. Asian Network for Scientific Information. Bailey Pests of field crops and pastures: identification and control. Control of pests and weeds by natural enemies: an introduction to biological control. Extant Hemiptera families. Suborder Auchenorrhyncha. Aphrophoridae Cercopidae Clastopteridae Epipygidae Machaerotidae. Cicadidae Tettigarctidae hairy cicadas. Aetalionidae Cicadellidae leafhoppers Melizoderidae Membracidae typical treehoppers, thorn bugs Myerslopiidae. Suborder Sternorrhyncha. Aleyrodidae whiteflies.

Aclerdidae Asterolecaniidae pit scales Beesoniidae beesoniids Carayonemidae carayonemids Cerococcidae ornate pit scales Coccidae soft scales Conchaspididae Dactylopiidae cochineals Diaspididae armored scales Eriococcidae felt scales Halimococcidae pupillarial palm scales Kermesidae Kerriidae lac scales Lecanodiaspididae false pit scales Margarodidae cottony cushion scales, giant coccids, ground pearls Micrococcidae Mediterranean scales Monophlebidae giant scales Ortheziidae ensign scales Phenacoleachiidae phenacoleachiids Phoenicococcidae palm scales Pseudococcidae mealybugs Putoidae giant mealybugs Stictococcidae stictococcids.

Adelgidae woolly conifer aphids Phylloxeridae phylloxerans.

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Suborder Heteroptera with Coleorrhyncha. Ceratocombidae Dipsocoridae Hypsipterygidae Schizopteridae Stemmocryptidae. Aenictopecheidae Enicocephalidae unique-headed bugs, gnat bugs. Gerridae water striders Hermatobatidae Veliidae riffle bugs. Hebridae velvet water bugs. Hydrometridae marsh treaders or water measurers Macroveliidae Paraphrynoveliidae.

Madeoveliidae Mesoveliidae. Saldidae shore bugs Leptopodidae spiny shore bugs Omaniidae Aepophilidae. Corixidae water boatmen. Belostomatidae giant water bugs Nepidae water scorpions, needle bugs. Gelastocoridae toad bugs Ochteridae velvety shore bugs. Aphelocheiridae Potamocoridae. Naucoridae creeping water bugs.

Notonectidae backswimmers. Helotrephidae Pleidae pygmy backswimmers. Anthocoridae minute pirate bugs or flower bugs Cimicidae bed bugs, bat bugs Curaliidae Curalium cronini Joppeicidae Lasiochilidae Lyctocoridae Medocostidae Microphysidae Miridae plant bugs, leaf bugs, grass bugs Nabidae damsel bugs Pachynomidae Plokiophilidae Polyctenidae old world bat bugs Reduviidae assassin bugs, wheel bugs, thread-legged bugs Thaumastocoridae royal palm bugs Tingidae lace bugs Velocipedidae.

Aradidae flat bugs Termitaphididae termite bugs. Urostylididae Acanthosomatidae shield bugs Tessaratomidae giant shield bugs and relatives Dinidoridae Cydnidae burrowing bugs Thaumastellidae Parastrachiidae Corimelaenidae includes ebony bugs Lestoniidae Phloeidae Scutelleridae jewel bugs or metallic shield bugs Plataspidae Pentatomidae stink bugs Canopidae Megarididae. Alydidae broad-headed bugs Coreidae squash bugs, leaf-footed bugs Hyocephalidae Rhopalidae scentless plant bugs Stenocephalidae.


Artheneidae Berytidae stilt bugs Blissidae Colobathristidae Cryptorhamphidae Cymidae Geocoridae Henicocoridae Heterogastridae Idiostolidae Lygaeidae milkweed bugs, true seed bugs Malcidae Ninidae Oxycarenidae Pachygronthidae Rhyparochromidae atypical seed bugs Piesmatidae ash-grey leaf bugs.

Pyrrhocoridae red bugs, cotton stainers Largidae bordered plant bugs. Note: Coleorrhyncha are a different clade from Heteroptera. Heteroptera with Coleorrhyncha were referred to as Prosorrhyncha. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Japanese jewel beetle has been a prized ornament since ancient times, and now researchers have revealed the secret to its scintillating good looks.

Brilliant metallic purples and greens run the length of each beetle's body. Each color band corresponds to varying numbers of stacked chitin layers in its wing covers. These nanoscale layers scramble light and reflect an iridescent sheen, reported a team from the Netherlands and Japan in the Mar.

In the insects Kavanaugh studies, surface ridges cause visible iridescence, but their primary job is to deflect water or mud. But the Japanese jewel beetle's surface is smooth, and the study's authors suspect that iridescence helps these insects recognize each other and find mates. If you find yourself in Japan, on a summer walk through the woods, you might find one yourself.

Image: Takehiko Sato. Stavenga, Bodo D. Giant East African Snail. Golden Mantella.

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Here goes: An ant 3mm long has been observed dragging prey 6mm long back to its nest. This is equivalent to a human dragging a small car by their teeth over a distance of 8km A particular Asian moth has evolved to feed on the tears of buffalo. Fireflies are beetles that use light to attract a mate.