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Inspired as much by Frank Zappa as by Sly Stone, his debut album warped southern soul with freaked-out humour and off-the-wall political messages. The Beatles-quoting title track goes off like a rocket. At its core a hard-nosed funk cover of Sly Stone curio Life and Death with a Godzilla bassline, this four-song suite mutates into a series of increasingly audacious electronic hooks, ranging from Radiophonic Workshop-style bloops to symphonic flourishes.

Shuggie Otis only took acid three times and one of those occasions inspired the shimmery dream-pop marvel Aht Uh Mi Hed. Psychedelic soul was popularised by canny, controlling producers with an agenda to unite rock and soul audiences. Following the example of artistic independence set by Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder, Otis took the concept in a more personal and idiosyncratic direction — a revolution in the head.

Let us know what you'd choose, and we'll compile a playlist of your selections on Friday. Reading on mobile? Topics Soul 10 of the best. Reuse this content. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Show 25 25 50 All. Now, just two days, later, police has arrested Riccardo Vitia, a 55 year old plumber.

The linked him by the tape used to the crime. However, what sounds like a quick success is in fact the break after this man was active for at least ten years. And while sources near to the investigation say, Vitia has confessed, we know about the worth of such confessions in Florence from the case of the Monster of Florence.

At least, if my profile is correct.

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Of course, there is no way to prove that before he is caught. But it is worth to think about one bloody fact. He is still out there and over the years while SCPD slept things out, he probably have added to his body count. If he follows the tendency of other serial killers, he could be around 15 now. Unless of course, he kills somewhere else during the winter months, that could bring him now easily to the 30, approaching Bundy, Gacy, Corona and Corll. Just food for thought.

Serial killer news Paul Rowles suspected to have killed Tiffany Sessions in Tiffany Sessions, a financial-major at the University of Florida, disappeared in without a trace. Her body was never found. Now a prison notebook, some kind of incomplete diary by serial killer Paul Rowies appears to link him to her murder. But since Rowles is dead, he died in prison at age 64 from old age in , nobody can ask him anything. Serial killer news Three years have passed In December , the first of four bodies were found on a stretch of road in Long Island. Later, another case, that of Shannan Gilbert, was mixed into the mess.

It became a story of police arrogance and ineptness with lots and lots of media attention. Now, in December , things are forgotten. Media outlets don't care anymore, the cases are cold, no arrest was made and the strategy of silence has again protected a serial killer from justice. So, what is left to say?

And in those three years, dozens of other escorts just disappeared So, the final lesson to be learned is probalby "don't get yourself killed by a serial killer on the East Coast. Serial killer news Germany shows, how it's done. Germany, to be exact, Mannheim had a new unsub in October. First an unknown subject attacked woman, who escaped the attempt to rape her, then he strangles a girl and, as later becamse known two more attempts happened after that.

So, there was clearly a sexual motivated serial out there. Actually, the police wnet pretty ast to the public, even not with all information. And while often the effectivity of offender profiles is doubted there, that didn't prevent them from using the method. The result: The murder happened October 3rd, the arrest was October 19th. Take that, Suffolk Co. It appears, as if police succeeded in connecting Naso to a fifth case, the murder of Sara Gilliam, who had changed her name to Sara Dylan because she was such a fan of Bob Dylan.

Well, and the mruder of her friend, which for unknown reasons doesn't count as murder in the prosecution's body count. Now, here is my problem. Naso is accused to have committed the Double-Initial Murders, signified by victims whoe first and lat names had the same starting letter. So how does Sara Dylan or Sara Gilliam fit in this picture? I just found Sayonara's Blog, admittedly not by accident but because Precious Dust, the blogger, had a friend forwarding me the addy. Now, I can be arrogant, but I referred to only those members of WS as "a little challegend" who defended vehemently a theory that demanded from a suspect to cruise through Oak Beach with more then , mph speed.

Which is light speed and a little over the speed limit. And to make the point clear here, the person who had this great idea wasn't Precious Dust. However, I am one of those "unqualified persons" who say something about Shannan Gilbert and paranoid psychotic episodes, according to Precious Dust.

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Lets face here the truth, I see my serial killer collection am probably as "unqualified" as former chief of Ds Varrone who heard the full call and had to do a life long with all kinds of crimes, including those involving drug induced rampants and of course Michael Pak who was there at this hour and only described what he saw. On the "qualified" side, we have Precious Dust.

Hummm, arrogance was the word? There were some little new details, but who expected progress was disappointed. It was the same old Dr. Hackett witch hunt and the usual utter ignorance about the differences between the cases.

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And David Schaller for the first time indicated, he actually had no idea whether the John asked Amber Lynn Costello to leave her phone behind or whether she just forgot it she left behind her purse as well. So, nothing new for my readers, I said those things now since December and got almost skalped for it several times. But since Robert Koelker, who quote me in Lost Girls without my knowledge, without my permission and, most important entirely out of context, just to let his source look "coolly", in an obvious attempt to make a lot of money, has his book out now, the Hackett witch hunt and the concentration on Shannan Gilbert will go on and block the view on LISK furthermore.

So thanks for everyone who have done more than their share to muddy the waters. Serial killer news Ian Brady maybe to reveal where he buried Keith Bennet. As UK sources report, Ian Brady made another attempt for his right to starve himself to death. Brady, who killed in the 60s together with his lover Myra Hindley 5 children between 10 an 17 years of age, fights for his right to die. He is since in a hunger strike, but authorities ordered him to be force fed. Four of the victims have been found.

Keith Bennet, who disappeared June 16, , was never found, but a photography of Brady, shot by Hindley seems to indicate the area. Still, over the past decades repeated searches ended up empty handed. Now, in his attempt to control his death, the only form of control left to him, Brady is maybe willing to give up where he buried his last missing victim - in exchange for his own right to die. His lover and accomplice died in due to cancer.

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Serial killer news Websleuths: Banned for saying the truth. I am now banned again from Websleuths. I didn't went so far to call morons morons though, lets call this my last remains of "political correctness". But I admit, some morons may felt like morons there and showing them would be considered rude. On the other hand, Websleuths. Crystal ball theories and physically impossible bias driven witchhunts as I have experienced there, aren't helpful.

A police officer once called the community there bored housewifes - well, the truth is worse and very unwelcome there. So, in general, after dealing with so-called experts who can diagnose certain mental illnesses from a bad 2 minute video, which was even doctored and without sound, I consider Websleuths. By the way, according to DSM IV such a diagnosis takes at least days of observance of a patient under clinic conditions, but when I mentioned this little discrepancy, well, you guess it, I got another three day ban. So, bottom line, good bye Websleuths, there is no sense in a crime board that acts by suppressing the truth to wallow rather in wild conspiracy theories.

Have fun! Serial killer news Always more shootings? It appears, there are always more shootings, in schools, in theaters, in malls, just everywhere. Now, this sparked some political debate about guns, and this debate is going on and on. But political debates are usually not the issue for "serial killer news". So, lets look at it from another angle: What have all those shootings in common?

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Aside of the media hype and the chance for politicians to aggrandize themselves once more? All those shootings were committed by relative young perpetrators who had mental problems and had them since years. Not only the ones already diagnosed Holmes, the Aurora shooter was in psychological treatment, Lanza, the Newtown shooter, was in treatment but for another disorder usually unconnected to violent crimes m but much more important, those, that were missed, sometimes over years.

I could continue the list. Jared Loughner for example showed at least two years before the Arizona shooting all signs of mental problems. Now, one can argue, take the guns from them and they are hapless.

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Well, in fact, as the experience from other countries shows, they will switch either to knives or explosives. So, treating the symptom of someone in mental trouble taking a gun, will actually not prevent him from finding another way to kill and certainly, it won't cure his sickness.

So, what can we do? As one of the most underestimated measures in the war against drugs, we all read at one time or the other, those little leaflets how to recognize signs of drug abuse in our kids. Schools give them out to parents, you can get them from government sites, in some parts of the country, they were sent out by mail. I think, everybody knows them. What about a leaflet recognizing the signs of a possible dangerous mental disorder?

The kind that can lead to a mass shooting? Or any other kind of spree killing including bombings? Because, looking at all those perpetrators, be it the Columbine shooting, or now Aurora and Newtown, one thing is clear: They all showed symptoms of a very limited group of symptoms. Actually, this is really the stuff, checklists are made of. It's, right now, just such an idea.

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Send me your opinion about it here. Serial killer news Lonnie Jones Case goes cold again The case of Lonnie Jones, a 12 year old boy in Idaho, killed in , went cold again. We, as in me and some others interested in the case, put some effort in that case, we found some of the people who were around back then.

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We also dealt with a Sheriff's Department that had lost most of the evidence over time. We found a man who was arrested some weeks after the murder for going for another boy. We can place that man in the vicinity of the victim at the night of the murder. Now, here is the downside. So, some of the residents there either never cooperated or stopped cooperating.

Some others, however, were helpful.