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While the vet was doing a flea check, where she ruffles the hair up from the base of the tail, she noticed that Louie needed his backside wiped.

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But I wipe them away because cleanliness is good. He gets scrubbed well when bathed and also wiped between baths. Photo by Karen Dibert.

It had never occurred to me to actually lift that nub to check under it. I am now conscientious about wiping more vigilantly.

How To Bs Tailslide On A Mini Ramp

And then, of course, get anal glands taken care of if need be. If left uncleaned for too long of a period, the irritation could lead to a rash, which could cause more discomfort to your dog. Louie gets a scrub with a soft nail brush to help clean away dried-on messes. Then take a damp washcloth and wipe well, being sure to get rid of all the dirty matter. Follow up by drying the area thoroughly; the tail may trap moisture, which also can cause a rash.

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Daily cleaning is good, but at least weekly is probably necessary in most cases. Give special attention when bathing. Wetting the hair first will help soften any matter and also keep from pulling the hair if you snag something in your comb. Your dog will appreciate this. The 3M glue provides very good adhesion to the board.

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