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The Hidden (And Not So Hidden) Messages in Stanley Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut” (Part II)

With the lights out, it's less dangerous, Here we are now, entertain us…. Marshall explains that many at the cloning center have told him that watching him create new music was the most magical thing in the world. Marshall says that when he was singing, the crowds were entertained and, for a moment, not engaged in the acts of depravity that often occurs there in the pit. Marshall states that the brutal acts of blood-sport, the perverse sex parties, and the free-for-alls available at the cloning center take place in the dirt pit of the cloning center arena; where some enjoy the wild debauchery, while others participate and just pretend to have fun.

For that reason, Marshall says that when he created new music on the spot, the others there would be allowed to return to their stadium seats, sit in the darkness and enjoy the show. But, according to Marshall, he struggled to keep up with the constant demand to create new music at the cloning center or suffer brutal torture as punishment.

Some nights, Marshall says he wouldn't be able to think up a new idea in time, and for that reason, he sings,. I feel stupid and contagious, Here we are now, entertain us…. Sometimes, when he's at a loss for words, he just uses the first one that comes to mind, hence verses like:. A mulatto An albino A mosquito My libido. Marshall says he laughs when he later reads of musicians who claim credit for his work, trying to explain the true meaning behind the lyrics of his songs, when actually he says it just means: Don couldn't think of a better word….

I'm worse at what I do best And for this gift I feel blessed. Marshall claims that even on the nights he struggled to create new music for the privileged elite, he realized that if it weren't for his ability to create hit songs that generated many millions, he would have been used, abused and discarded long ago. Marshall maintains that he wrote the song Losing My Religion , recorded by alternative rock band R.

Marshall says that he hates the song, as he says hearing it brings back bad memories of being beaten in a small side room at the cloning center, where he was surrounded and kicked until he began singing out a song, broken bones and all. Losing My Religion became R. Built on a mandolin riff, the song was an unlikely hit for the group, garnering heavy airplay on the radio as well as on MTV, due to its critically acclaimed music video.

The song became R. In , the song was listed as No. Buck said that "when I listened back to it the next day, there was a bunch of stuff that was really just me learning how to play mandolin, and then there's what became Losing My Religion". He told UK's Q magazine that the song is about "someone who pines for someone else. Its' unrequited love, what have you. According to Marshall, the song is actually about his determination to destroy the Illuminati, a downfall he had carefully set up through the use of embedding references to top-secret cloning throughout his music over the decades.

Under these circumstances, the lyrics take on new meaning, especially the reference in the third stanza in which one is asked to consider the song to be the hint of the century Marshall reveals that his secret is "bigger" than you can imagine, for you are not me. Unlike most at the cloning center, who simply sit and watch him sing, he vows never to surrender in his quest to destroy the Illuminati, no matter the cost to him personally.

He knows he must be careful not to say too much or risk punishment, although by embedding hints in his music, he sets up their eventual downfall…. That's me in the corner That's me in the spotlight Losing my religion Trying to keep up with you And I don't know if I can do it Oh no, I've said too much I haven't said enough. That's me in the corner beaten and kicked in a small side room at the cloning center.

That's me in the spotlight of the cloning center arena, singing out, losing hope that I will ever be set free…. Losing my religion Trying to keep up with you And I don't know if I can do it. Marshall speaks to the constant challenge where he knows that he will be punished if he says too much, or fail in his quest to destroy the Illuminati if he says too little…. Speaking to himself, Marshall thinks that he hears himself "singing, laughing, trying".

Every whisper Of every waking hour I'm choosing my confessions Trying to keep an eye on you Like a hurt, lost and blinded fool, fool Oh no, I've said too much I set it up. Always planning the hints or "confessions" that he will insert into his music, Marshall must, at the same time, keep an eye on his abusers, in preparation for the next attack…. Consider this Consider this, the hint of the century Consider this, the slip That brought me to my knees, failed What if all these fantasies come Flailing around Now I've said too much.

Marshall asks us to regard the song as the biggest expose of the secret elite, knowing, however, that if this "hint of the century" should fail, the loss will bring him to his knees But that was just a dream Try, cry, why, try That was just a dream Just a dream Just a dream, dream. Written in a dark moment, Marshall doubts whether he will ever be able to succeed in his dream to destroy the Illuminati, considering that he is just one against the most powerful organization on Earth. Years It was also released as a single in November , reaching No. This gleefully apocalyptic song is known for its' quick flying, seemingly stream of consciousness rant with a number of diverse references to end time prophecies.

The words in the title first appear in the film Conquest of the Planet of the Apes, where, in preparing to fight the apes, a human says: "If we lose this battle, that's the end of the world as we know it. Explaining the song to Q magazine in , lead singer Michael Stipe said: "The words come from everywhere. I'm extremely aware of everything around me, whether I am in a sleeping state, awake, dream-state or just in day to day life…along with a lot of stuff I'd seen when I was flipping TV channels.

It's a collection of streams of consciousness. Marshall claims that he wrote the song while trapped during his dream state in a deep underground military base. He says the lyrics describe the Illuminati's plan to create a fake Armageddon by using top-secret HAARP weather manipulation technology to create global disasters It starts with an earthquake as well as the recreation of freaky acts straight out of the Book of Revelations birds and snakes.

Then, after unleashing a series of manufactured global disasters, the Illuminati plan to sit back and watch the chaos as civilization breaks down, giving them the excuse to send in the military to restore order, confiscating all guns and disarming the populace, thus allowing them to completely take over the world.

It [the Apocalypse] starts with an earthquake [and the unleashing of] birds and snakes in a frightening act of God's fury. Every motive escalate [s][while] automotive [s] incinerate meanwhile, world leaders participate in a Tournament of Lies. Creep was released by English alternative rock band Radiohead as their debut single in , and it later appeared on their first album Pablo Honey.

During its initial release, Creep was not a chart success. However, upon re-release in , it became a worldwide hit. The song is included in the Radiohead: The Best Of compilation album. Creep met with little success in the UK when it was first released in September Radio 1 found the song "too depressing" and refrained from playing the song.

Creep reached number 78 on the UK Singles Chart, selling only 6, copies. The song soon became a national hit. Around the same time, California radio stations added the song to their playlist, and other radio stations along the West Coast soon followed. By the second half of , the song had become a hit nationwide, charting at number 34 on the Billboard Hot Radiohead lead vocalist, Thom Yorke, who wrote Creep while studying at Exeter University in the late s, says the song tells the tale of an inebriated man who tries to get the attention of a woman to whom he is attracted by following her around.

In the end, he lacks the self-confidence to face her and, subconsciously, feels that he has become her. According to Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood, the song was inspired by a girl that Yorke had followed around who showed up unexpectedly during a show by the band. He says the song was, in fact, a happy song about "recognizing what you are". Marshall says he wrote Creep while trapped at the cloning center, singing directly to the Queen, as he found that "serenading the monster" would sometimes allow him to get away, unhurt, for one more night.

Many are unaware that Queen Elizabeth II, as head of state of the United Kingdom and of 31 other states and territories, is the legal owner of about 6, million acres of land, one sixth of the earth's non-ocean surface, making her the largest landowner and richest individual on Earth. In fact, there is no way to easily assess the value of her real estate holdings, although a rough estimate places their value into many, many trillions of dollars. For that reason, Marshall says no world leader ever opposes her in any way for fear of retaliation. Marshall explains that for generations, royal families in the Illuminati have indulged their sick fantasies in wild sex parties, safe from discovery behind castle walls on remote estates.

However, with the advance of top-secret cloning technology, the royals were given the unimagined opportunity to meet every night in deep underground military bases, where, by activating identical clones, they can indulge every whim, while their real bodies sleep at night. Marshall explains that the Queen holds much power and authority at the cloning center, where everyone treads lightly, as she is capable of nearly anything and there is no guessing what she might do next. Despite her carefully constructed public image of service and duty to crown and country, Marshall says the Queen is actually unstable and psychotic, caused by decades of participating in sick depravity underground.

When you were here before, Couldn't look you in the eye, You're just like an angel, Your skin makes me cry, You float like a feather, In a beautiful world, I wish I was special, You're so very special. Only at the end of the song does Marshall expresses his true feelings, as he searches for answers to explain how he ended up hopelessly trapped in a top-secret, hi-tech hell.

What the hell am I doing here? I don't belong here I don't belong here According to Madonna, the song is about saving the environment and "hav[ing] a good time while we are doing it. In the United States, 4 Minutes debuted at number 68 on the Billboard Hot chart in April 5, , based solely on airplay. The single was an international hit, topping the charts in over 21 countries worldwide, including Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom.

As of July , 4 Minutes had become Madonna's best-selling digital single in the United States, with 3 million copies sold. The song peaked at number three on the Billboard Hot , giving Madonna her 37th top-ten single, breaking the record previously held by Elvis Presley as the artist with most top-ten hits. Almost five months after its release, 4 Minutes was certified double platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America RIAA for sales of two million paid digital downloads. The song's lyrics carry a message of social awareness, inspired by Madonna's visit to Africa and the human suffering she said she witnessed there.

In an interview with MTV News , Madonna further explained the meaning of the song: "I don't think it's important to take it too literally. I think the song, more than anything, is about having a sense of urgency; about how we are, you know, living on borrowed time essentially and people are becoming much more aware of the environment and how we're destroying the planet…so it's kind of like, well, if we're going to save the planet, can we have a good time while we are doing it? According to Marshall, the song is his, written by him at the cloning center. What's more, Marshall says the title actually refers to a sick game they would often play, where he would be allowed only 4 minutes to write a new song or suffer the consequences.

Most nights, Marshall would be able to scramble together some kind of song, but this time was different. Marshall says that you can hear his desperation in the beginning of the song, as he searches for some idea, fully aware that time is quickly slipping away. He says that he just kept repeating the phrase over and over again, until he had enough of an idea to begin singing.

Later verses make it clear that only 4 minutes are remaining in order to save the world:. Later, they trade choruses: [Madonna] The road to hell Is paved with good intentions, yeah [Timberlake] But if I die tonight at least I can say I did what I wanted to do Tell me, how 'bout you? Marshall is reminding himself that no matter what the personal consequences, he will never give up in his efforts to expose and destroy the Illuminati. And, while he was able to crank out an original song in under 4 minutes, the next night, however, Marshall says he wasn't so luckyand was severely punished for it.

Marshall says he's surprised that people don't pay enough attention to lyrics and have no idea as to their true meaning. As incredible as all this sounds, Marshall claims that he only mentions the music as it provides an explanation as to why he was allowed to live all these years, as he was simply too valuable to kill. Marshall hopes that one day, people will understand what their favorite songs are really about and demand a complete shutdown of all top-secret cloning centers worldwide. Inspired by the Academy Award winning film, Amadeus, about the life of prolific classical composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Falco's music video imagines Mozart's return as a modern day rock god.

He appears to be living the high life, loved and celebrated the world over by the rich and famous, all hungry for the new music that will turn them into superstars. According to Illuminati whistleblower Donald Marshall, the music video accurately portrays his bizarre double life as a top-secret songwriter for the privileged elite of the New World Order.

He claims that he wrote Rock Me Amadeus , as a year-old kid trapped at the cloning center, where "Amadeus" was one of his many nicknames. The video depicts the constant demand for new music there, where his songs launched many a successful career. Marshall came forward in late to speak out about the Illuminati's use of top-secret human cloning technology which, he says, is much more advanced than the public is told. He states that this top-secret tech allows members of the Illuminati to transfer their individual consciousness during the natural REM stage of sleep to their identical clones stored in a deep underground military base.

Marshall has attended cloning since childhood, he says, as an unwilling participant in covert government projects. Marshall explains that after displaying an early success at songwriting, he was brought to the cloning center night after night, in order to produce new music for such 80's artists as Whitney Houston, Tina Turner, Madonna and many, many others. Marshall's first song, entitled Lady , recorded by American country artist Kenny Rodgers, became a chart-topping hit, reaching 1 on Billboard magazine's singles charts for 6 straight weeks just months later.

Before long, Marshall's reputation grew and everyone wanted to meet the "Amazing Song Boy". Marshall tells us he doesn't write songs down, but just "sings 'em out", making it up as he goes, in the dirt arena of the cloning center, sometimes stopping for a moment to think up the next line or verse. Marshall states that his songs would be recorded and then given to other songwriters to claim credit.

One can only imagine the experience of sitting in the darkly-lit arena of the cloning center, watching, waiting as Marshall creates new music on the spot, knowing that his songs are a guaranteed hit, that just one of his songs could make or break your career, one song could change your life forever… Who's gonna get it?

Marshall explains that sometimes he would sing out a random song, and a celebrity would claim the song, saying that it sounded like something he'd sing. Other times, he was asked to write custom songs for a specific artist or group, in which case, he had to write the song with their signature sound in mind. Through decades of trial and error, Marshall developed an uncanny ability to predict the music that people will like, and most importantly, people will buy.

His songs have made many millions of dollars for major record labels, musical groups, artists and bands the world over. He had to make songs that were successful, because if a song failed, he would be blamed and tortured later as punishment. Marshall says that now he doesn't even like listening to music, because of bad memories of how he had to sing for his life for so many years.

What's more, he finds that he can't lose himself in the sound, but instead is always thinking: Will it sell? In song making, Marshall explains that the melody is key in creating hit songs. He has learned that people want a catchy tune with some repetition, as we psychologically crave listening to music with a repeating pattern of rise, climax and fall. Marshall tells us that he also likes to add familiar melodies from nursery rhymes and children's songs in his music, as he has found that listeners will unconsciously remember the sound from their childhood and want to hear the song again and again.

Marshall points to the hit single Somebody that I Used to Know that he wrote for Australian singer-songwriter Gotye. He explains that the song opens with a simple melody played on xylophone that he lifted from the nursery rhyme Baa Baa Black Sheep. Marshall says that everyone subliminally remembers this familiar melody, although they won't consciously make the connection. This technique worked as the chart-topping hit went on to receive both critical and commercial success, selling more than 13 million copies worldwide, to become one of the best selling singles of all time.

In fact, Goyte co-manager John Watson said, "We've never seen any song make a deeper or more immediate connection with so many people. Marshall explains that using techniques like this helped him sell many records and kept him from facing torture… most times.

Even though Marshall's work has received numerous awards, honors and accolades over three decades, he has yet to receive any public recognition. And as for Marshall receiving any financial compensation for all the many millions his music has made in the last three decades? For example, Marshall's first song Lady , written at the age of 5, has been singer-songwriter Lionel Richie's most profitable song ever. Richie, who was given songwriting credit for the ballad, told Entertainment Weekly that he has an "estate that Lady bought".

So, what songs does he claim to have written in his over 30 year career as a secret Illuminati songwriter? Music industry insiders know that while they may have many talented performers under contract, ready for stardom, their careers go nowhere without that one catchy hit single that receives massive airplay on the radio, driving consumers to download and buy. Because, even with talent and a fan base, singers still need that crucial hit song to launch their careers and keep them afloat. Marshall says he's forgotten more songs than he can remember making over the three decades he's been trapped there, writing music.

Marshall claims that his ability to create instant hits launched the careers of such 80's superstars as Madonna, Whitney Houston, and Michael Jackson, all of whom were massively successful, with their music videos becoming a permanent fixture on MTV, gaining them a worldwide audience. He says he remembers when Madonna was first introduced at the cloning center, having been discovered by Sean Penn as a dancer at a New York City strip club. Penn saw her potential and requested she be brought to the cloning center, to meet other members of the Illuminati.

In fact, by , Madonna was named Artist of the Decade by a number of recognized industry sources. Whitney Houston became the second best selling female artist of the 's, second only to Madonna, with her debut album becoming the best selling debut album of all time. Houston was the first and only artist to chart seven consecutive No. Marshall remembers Houston as being nice at first, however, in time she changed as she increasingly turned to drugs and alcohol to cope with the depravity she encountered at the cloning center every night in her so-called "dreams".

Music industry insiders soon realized that Marshall's music had the power to launch even big stars into superstardom, as in the case of the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, who Marshall remembers well over his years at the cloning center. Already enjoying the critical and commercial success from his solo album Off The Wall , Jackson's follow-up album, Thriller, released several years later, would become and currently remains, the best selling album of all time, with an estimated sales of 65 million copies worldwide.

Marshall claims that he actually wrote those songs for Jackson at the cloning center. Marshall says he has to laugh at the late singer's reputation as a truther desperate to expose the Illuminati, when actually he says Jackson was "totally down" with them, and was not at all like his carefully crafted public image. What's more, Jackson's hit single They Don't Really Care About Us is his song, that Marshall says he wrote to alert the public about how the world elite really feel about you and me. Marshall's music not only created new superstars, his songs also supplied fading talent with powerful comeback careers, as in the case of the Queen of Rock 'n' Roll, Tina Turner, who launched a major comeback in the mid's with the release of her solo album Private Dancer.

Quickly recorded in London in just two months, Private Dancer became a world-wide success. Another comeback kid, the late pop legend David Bowie, enjoyed massive mid-career success thanks, in part, to Marshall. While known for decades as an innovator in music, art and design, Bowie had yet to write the pop song that would top charts in the U.

Full text of "Satanic Illuminati Bloodlines"

The title track became an instant hit, reaching No. Let's Dance has sold With his career revitalized, Bowie traveled the globe with the sold-out Serious Moonlight Tour, emerging as one of the most important artists of the day. The success of the album surprised Bowie, who later attempted to write his own catchy pop songs with the follow-up albums Tonight and Never Let Me Down , which critics dismissed. Unable to duplicate the success he had found using Marshall's songs, Bowie returned to writing his own songs, experimenting with a wide variety of musical styles.

Not only did Marshall's music launch new careers and relaunch those not-so-new, his songs also guaranteed success, reassuring for the Illuminati-backed music industry, known for playing it safe musically and distrustful of anyone willing to take chances. For example, take the case of the late legendary singer-songwriter Prince and his neo-psychedelic album Around the World in a Day, released just one year after the mega-hit, Purple Rain. The new album reflected important steps in Prince's musical evolution, incorporating new instruments and musical styles which prompted critics to draw numerous comparisons to The Beatles' Sgt.

Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. However, the record-buying public didn't respond well to Prince's new sound, resulting in a dramatic record sales drop, from 13 million sold for Purple Rain to only 2 million sold for the new album. The only song on the album still remembered today, is the successful hit single Raspberry Beret, a popular song that quickly reached number two on the Billboard Hot , and was played at every Prince concert thereafter.

At the time, critics commented that the sound of the song was different than any previous Prince track, with the incorporation of international instruments and middle eastern percussion cymbals. Marshall claims that Raspberry Beret is his, that he co-wrote with Prince, guaranteeing the album at least one hit single. Marshall explains that many of the songwriters for whom he provided music are actually bitter by the fact that Marshall's songs are usually the most popular tracks on any album, always the most requested and loved by fans.

Marshall contends that his music was not only used to create new superstars, his songs provided the jet fuel to launch new musical movements, such as the so-called Second British Invasion of the U. This song, written by Marshall, about the failed romance between a man and a cocktail waitress-turned-superstar, was released in early , and by July, hit No.

Marshall remembers meeting these artists at the cloning center and claims to have written all of their biggest hits. He explains that musicians like Collins, Sting, and Bono are loyal Illuminati members and favorites of the Queen, who would reward faithful service with guaranteed hits from Marshall.

The mid's also saw an international musical movement known as the "New Wave of British Heavy Metal", where hard rock musicians from the U. Two British heavy metal bands of the time, Def Leppard and Iron Maiden , are considered to be the most commercially successful and influential heavy metal bands of all time.

For example, Def Leppards' album, Pyromania peaked at No. Marshall claims that he wrote Pour Some Sugar On Me as a kid and, what's more, states that he practically IS Def Leppard , and has written all of their popular songs, songs that are still heard on the radio every day some thirty years later. Glam Metal bands also had a run of commercial success with Bon Jovi's album Slippery When Wet topping the Billboard and spending eight non-consecutive weeks there. Billboard Hot to become the band's first number one hit.

Another successful group from that era was Guns N' Roses who released the best-selling debut of all time, Appetite For Destruction , producing three top 10 hits including the No. According to Marshall, he wrote all of those songs, while a trapped, scared teenager, yes, all of them…. The 80's also saw a huge interest in heavy metal music, which Marshall says that he used to express his fury and rage at being caged at the cloning center, tortured nightly for new songs.

The end of the 80's saw the gradual decline of glam metal and the emergence of a completely new sound that came to be known as "Grunge". Originating in the city of Seattle's active music scene, local guitarists fused elements of hardcore punk with heavy metal to create something raw and powerful, with lyrics that often spoke of social alienation, apathy, confinement and a desire for freedom. By the early 's, the music's popularity had spread, with grunge acts performing in California and other parts of the U.

However, while professional scouts for the Illuminati-backed record labels signed many promising bands from the Pacific Northwest, they would still need those chart-topping hits to sweep the country and catch the attention of the mainstream consumer. Marshall tells us that he was just a teenager when he met members from many grunge bands at the cloning center, where he wrote the signature hits for bands such as Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Hole, and Stone Temple Pilots among others.

What's more, Marshall says that he IS Nirvana , having written every one of their songs, even providing the name for the band. While the late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain had a compelling voice and stage presence, Marshall says it's really him you're listening to, in every song. He explains that musicians like Cobain, despite their reputation as songwriters, are more like performers that play music. And while Cobain might have had the talent necessary to propel him to stardom, make no mistake, he got there on the strength of Marshall's songs.

The Hidden (And Not So Hidden) Messages in Stanley Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut” (Part I)

Marshall maintains that many musicians secretly try to recognize his uncredited contributions to their successful careers. Instead, Marshall says that Grohl wrote the song about him and that he provided songs for both Nirvana and the Foo Fighters. He says that Noel Gallagher is mean, and he had to laugh about the time that Gallagher famously criticized the work of Phil Collins, whose mega-hits dominated the music charts in the 80's, calling Collin's music "boring", saying that it was "time for some real lads to get up there and take charge".

Gallagher's comment is especially ironic considering Marshall wrote all of Oasis's best tunes and, incidentally, all of Collin's biggest hits, as well. These so-called singer-songwriters are actually singing his songs, using his words, sharing his message. Marshall claims that the Illuminati will recruit those of interest, and then bring them to the cloning center to meet him, so he can turn them into stars. All they need to do is to find the performers, those with the right look and sound, while Marshall supplies the rest.

Marshall says he's written many of Britney Spear's hits from the beginning, including her debut single Baby One More Time which became one of the best-selling singles of all time, reaching No. Over time, the Illuminati-backed music industry insiders became so confident that Marshall's music could turn virtually anyone into a star, that they began to bring more and more to the cloning center to meet him.

Take, for example, international pop superstar, Lady Gaga, whose debut album, The Fame was a critical and commercial success around the world with its' chart-topping singles Just Dance and Poker Face. Her second full-length album Born This Way , released in , sold over one million copies in its' first week, topping the charts in more than 20 countries, with its' No. Despite her reputation as a songwriter, Marshall says he wrote every one of Lady Gaga's songs from the beginning of her career.

He says that all she brought was her arty costumes and hairstyles; Marshall supplied all the rest. Marshall says he can remember when he first met Rihanna at the cloning center, fresh from the island of Barbados, eager to do whatever it took for fame and fortune. With sales exceeding million records sold worldwide, Rihanna became one of the best-selling artists of all time, with 14 number one singles on the Billboard Hot Rihanna must have made many influential friends there, because Marshall says that, for a time, they just kept giving her every song he wrote, one after another.

Even though these "cloner-kids" create fake bios filled with stories of how they struggled until they were discovered singing at local county fairs and coffee shops Truth is, they were favored from childhood to be big stars, as a reward to their Illuminati parents for years of faithful service. Whether it's pop, country, hard rock, heavy metal, electronica, hip hop, rap Marshall simply writes the music that sells.

Marshall says that he's known underground as the Rainman because of the untold millions of dollars his music pours into profits worldwide. Well, let's just pretend he never picked up a pen … for according to Marshall, he is Eminem and has written all the rapper's songs. Marshall tells us that Eminem was promoted by the Illuminati in the late 90's as a way to introduce black rap music to middle-class white kids across the country, which was then a lucrative, underdeveloped market.

Marshall says that at first he was writing songs for Miami-born white rapper, Vanilla Ice, who, with his hit single Ice Ice Baby became the second white rapper in history to top the charts. His debut album To The Extreme , became the fastest selling hip hop album of all time, spending sixteen weeks at No. However, unlike New York white rappers the Beastie Boys , Vanilla Ice had no street credibility, and with overall negative reviews for his next two albums, interest in the rapper soon dropped.

Marshall maintains that music industry insiders were looking for a replacement for Vanilla Ice when they discovered Detroit rapper, Marshall "Eminem" Mathers, who had recently moved to Los Angeles in to compete in an annual nationwide battle rap competition. Placing second, the Illuminati took notice and quickly recruited Mathers into their ranks, with promises of fame, fortune, and guaranteed success with the use of Marshall's music.

Forget any official versions you've heard of Eminem as just another struggling young rapper pushing his demo CD before being discovered by Interscope Records founder, Jimmy Iovine and famed record producer, Dr. Truth is, Mathers is "Illuminati made and paid", says Marshall and adds that he's "not the nice, cool guy everyone thinks he is". Thanks to Marshall, Eminem went on to become the best-selling hip hop artist of all time, with twelve No. Marshall says that he has written songs for many rappers such as Public Enemy, Run-D. Marshall says he even collaborated with the late rapper, Tupac Shakur, in writing his best songs.

Imagine if the public found out that their favorite ghetto anthems were actually penned by a white kid straight outta Halifax…. Marshall says that many rappers manufacture fake bios of growing up in "da 'hood" when, in reality, they were born to lives of wealth and privilege, selected for fame from influential Illuminati families. For the over three decades that Marshall has claimed to been trapped at the cloning center writing music, he says that he made a "whole lot of bad people a whole lot of money". Marshall maintains that many at the cloning center are jealous of him and his talent for creating hit songs "outta nowhere, like magic".

They say that it is unfair that they struggle for months to write one song with poor results, whereas Marshall can write a song in minutes that is guaranteed to sell millions of copies worldwide. He remembers several years ago, one songwriter bragging about his big win for the "Best Record of the Year" that he won the at the Grammy Award ceremony the night before, a triumph he achieved using one of Marshall's songs.

As the songwriter addressed the audience at the cloning center, and went on and on about his win, Marshall finally spoke up. Marshall had made his point, although, he remembers, the songwriter punished him later for making the remark. His only aim is to tell the public the truth about the top-secret human cloning that takes place in deep underground military bases around the world. President Bill Clinton reacted immediately, stating that the cloning of Dolly the sheep raised "serious, ethical questions, particularly with respect to the possible use of this technology to clone human embryos".

Clinton called for legislation to ban human cloning, as did thirteen European countries, including the UK House of Commons Science and Technology Committee STC which said that British law needs to be amended to ensure that human cloning is illegal. What the public did not realize at the time, according to Illuminati whistleblower, Donald Marshall, was the fact that top-secret experiments in human cloning had already been conducted for many decades in deep underground military bases around the world.

Marshall claims to have seen human cloning first hand, as an unwilling participant in human cloning since early childhood. Marshall says that elite scientists in every country all over the world use top-secret cloning technology to create identical human clones to be used in a variety of ways.

These near perfect look-alikes can be used as stand-ins for top government leaders and elected officials, or sent to perform secret spy missions and dangerous acts of espionage. Marshall explains that the public never sees any of this because all cloning activity takes place many levels down in deep underground military bases on government-owned property, with highly restricted access. World leaders won't even acknowledge the existence of these deep underground military bases, hundreds of which are built at strategic points all over the world, therefore, they are never called upon to explain to the public about what really goes on down there.

Marshall remembers visiting secret military bases as a young child, though he didn't realize that he was a clone at the time, since clone bodies feel as real as real. It wasn't until Marshall was much older that he was given a tour of the grow rooms, a deep level underground of entire floors where human clones are grown in the dark, suspended in water, in stacked glass tubes. Marshall reports that the grow rooms are dark, dirty, and reek of the smell of urine.

He explains that elite scientists usually create a series of the same clones at a time, selecting the best and disposing of the rest, since each body requires only 5 months and 30 bucks to reach full completion. Marshall further explains that there are many kinds of cloning technology used to grow different types of clones.

In replication cloning , top-secret scientists create the ideal conditions in the lab for new life to grow, resulting in a perfectly formed baby clone. However, this process is time-consuming, as the baby clone will still need to grow and develop as any other human baby. Instead, duplication cloning is preferred, whereby manipulating certain gene mutations, clone bodies can be quickly grown to full maturity in a matter of months, and can be used immediately.

An example of duplication cloning can be seen in the futuristic scifi thriller, The Island , where wealthy sponsors invest millions of dollars in the care and feeding of their clones, who live in an isolated compound, unaware that they are clones created for the sole purpose of organ harvesting. However, in reality, clone organs are grown too fast, according to Marshall, and are not viable for use in organ transplant.

What's more, he claims the science of human cloning is deeply flawed, with serious side effects, as clone behavior tends to be unpredictable and erratic, with little impulse control. In an early scene, a blade runner attempts to administer the "Voight-Kampff" test to Leon Kowalski, a suspected runaway replicant. The test consists of a series of hypothetical questions designed to provoke an emotional response.

When Leon becomes frustrated by his inability to understand the test questions, he reaches for a gun, and shoots the blade runner dead. According to Marshall, replicant Leon displays typical clone behavior. When confronted with what they don't understand, clones panic and react with violence. For that reason, all clones seen in public require special minders, or handlers to travel with them and monitor their behavior. This is why it is common to see politicians, surrounded by their private aides and advisors, as well as famous celebrities, flanked by personal assistants, as part of their entourage.

Apparently even Dolly, the cloned sheep, suffered serious side effects from the flawed science of cloning. Soon after news of the successful experiment in cloning was released, Norwegian daily newspaper Dagbladet headlined "Dolly is Eating Herself to Death", claiming that Dolly the sheep could not stop eating and was more than twice the size of her litter mates. Marshall claims that news articles, like the cloning of Dolly the sheep, are purposely released as a way to gauge public reaction and encourage tolerance to the issue of human cloning, even though doctors and scientists around the world agree that cloning technology is untested, unsafe and morally unacceptable.

Donald Marshall calls for a global ban on all human cloning experimentation. To Be Human In the scifi drama Moon , actor Sam Rockwell plays astronaut Sam Bell, who, in the futuristic world of , is responsible for maintaining operations at Sarang, a remote mining facility located on the far side of the moon. Bell looks forward to returning home as he nears the end of a three-year solitary stint mining and shipping Helium-3, an alternative fuel used on Earth.

However, when Bell accidentally crashes his lunar rover into a harvester and is rendered unconscious, the onboard system computer, GERTY, believing Bell to be dead, activates another astronaut, sleeping in hibernation, to replace him. Bell manages to survive the crash and, returning to the space facility, finds that the new astronaut activated to replace him is his identical clone. In time, the two men discover that they are both clones of the original Sam Bell, manufactured to avoid hiring costly new astronauts.

They find that they are only copies of the original Sam Bell, complete with detailed memories of his life, loves and family back home on Earth. The film asks us to consider: What does it mean to be human? This question is difficult to answer since, according to Illuminati whistleblower Donald Marshall, it can be hard to tell if you are a clone or not, since as a clone, your body, memories, and feelings seem real as real.

He claims to have been an unwilling participant in top-secret cloning projects since he was a young child. He states that all world governments have engaged in covert human cloning for many, many decades. He reports that he was cloned by members of a powerful organization known as the Illuminati. Marshall explains that he was activated as a clone against his will numerous times and forced to attend secret meetings in cloning centers, located in deep underground military bases. He says that members of the Illuminati feel that they can use your clone in any way they choose since they believe that clones are not natural-born humans, and therefore, have no human rights.

In truth, many people don't realize the fact that they don't actually own their DNA. As of , the U. Patent and Trademark Office have assigned the ownership of a variety of human genetic codes to private corporations and universities in the United States. According to editor Mike Adams of NaturalNews. The corporation that owns the most patents, Incyte , a biopharmaceutical company based in Delaware, owns patents on over 2, human genetic codes. Court of Law. One can only wonder what the future will hold, if private corporations have the legal permission to use DNA to clone any member of the population for their own purpose.

According to Donald Marshall, human cloning is immoral, and needs to be stopped, as it is in direct violation of our inherent human rights. To explore Pandora, scientists create genetically-engineered Na'vi-human hybrids called Avatars, which are surrogate bodies that look and move like the indigenous Na'vi of Pandora, but are actually uploaded using the mind of a human in a remote location. In this way, Avatars are safe to be attacked, even killed, without any actual harm coming to the controller, since their real bodies are never in any danger.

Many futurists predict that this type of mind uploading will someday be possible, where information, memories and experiences can be downloaded from one brain and then transferred into another. According to the science editors of the Genetic Literacy Project, however, "mind uploading won't work because consciousness can't be transferred". Not true, according to Illuminati whistleblower Donald Marshall, who says that there is no need to look to the future for mind uploading; the future is already here.

Marshall explains that when he goes to bed at night, his consciousness is stolen while he sleeps and is held hostage until his body wakes up. Known as R. M-Driven Consciousness Transfer , Marshall claims that elite scientists use this top-secret technology to transfer his individual consciousness from his residence in Eastern Canada, into his identical clone at a cloning center hundreds of miles away. It might seem unbelievable, but Marshall claims that covert experiments in genetic engineering and human cloning have been conducted by Illuminati scientists in deep, underground military bases for decades.

Marshall says that he was an unwilling participant in secret cloning experimentation since early childhood. Growing up with a seemingly normal family, Marshall was forced to lead a double life, spending his nights trapped at the cloning center, where he was held against his will by top-secret technology. Marshall claims this consciousness transfer can only take place once the brain has fully entered the REM sleep cycle. He explains that once you begin to dream, they can steal your consciousness and bring you wherever they want. REM sleep is defined as "a unique phase of sleep characterized by random movements of the eyes, low muscle tone throughout the body, and the propensity of the sleeper to dream vividly".

As Marshall reports, "I go to sleep at night, and an hour later, I open my eyes to find myself, naked, on a stainless steel rack, at a cloning center in Western Canada". Disorientated at first, Marshall looks around to find himself lying in a room filled with computers, one nearby is monitoring his brain wave patterns. According to Marshall, members of the Illuminati have clones and attend the cloning center at night. While their real bodies are at home, sleeping, they sit in the stands of an arena the size of a hockey stadium, and watch disgusting things done to innocent people.

When their real body wakes up at home, the clones slump down in the seat and workers come to haul them out on a hand truck. Immediately, someone new takes their place. Marshall says it's like that, people in and out, coming and going, all night long. When not in use, the clones are stored many levels deep underground, where they sleep on stainless steel racks, intubated with feeding tubes down their throats, supplying them with a liquid nutritional supplement. The clones are monitored and cared for, while they wait for their turn to be activated.

For some reason, Marshall explains, once your real body wakes up and comes out of REM sleep, your consciousness immediately returns to your real body. He says that it can be easy to get injured because sometimes when you wake up in real life, your clone suddenly drops limp and falls on the concrete floor of the stadium. For that reason, everyone usually stays seated in the stands, Marshall continues, because no one ever knows when their real body will wake up and deactivate the clone.

Marshall claims that there are thousands of Illuminati members being activated at different time zones, in deep, underground military bases all over the world; the level of organization involved is staggering. He has set his alarm to go off at short intervals to wake him throughout the night, hoping to prevent REM sleep, but Marshall found that eventually, he still fell deeply asleep.

Others have asked Marshall why he can't just move somewhere far away, to which he explains that moving would be of no use; there is no distance limit to prevent the consciousness transfer.

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Others suggest that Marshall is just dreaming and that the experiences he describes are simply vivid dreams. Marshall claims that his mission in life is to alert the public about REM consciousness transfer, so they learn the truth about exactly what goes on in deep underground military bases around the world. He says that he will never stop until all the people trapped there are freed and all the cloning centers are permanently shut down forever.

Only Better What if you could fulfill any fantasy you ever had, do whatever you want, be whoever you want from the comfort and safety of your home? In fact, Why even leave the house at all if you can just send a surrogate instead? Set in the year , when most of the population employ enhanced human-looking androids to engage the world in their place. Virtual Self, Inc. Through the use of surrogates, humans are given the option to work and play without the risk of injury or disease. Can you imagine having perfect looks without plastic surgery or going to the gym?

By controlling their surrogates while plugged into hi-tech STEM chairs, the operators can become anyone they want from the comfort and safety of home. While the fantasy of escaping into a virtual world can be compelling, the reality of engaging in a simulated environment, while wearing a clunky helmet, attached by a thick cable to a computer is awkward at best and does not create a lifelike experience for the user. There is no need for any special helmet and gear, though, because according to Illuminati whistleblower Donald Marshall, escaping into another reality is exactly what thousands of Illuminati members from around the world do every night when they go to sleep.

M-Driven Consciousness Transfer , Marshall claims that when he goes to sleep at night, his consciousness is stolen and held hostage until he wakes up the next day. Marshall maintains that elite scientists use this top-secret technology to clone members of the Illuminati and bring them at night to the cloning center. There they sit in the stands of a large hockey arena and watch disgusting things done to innocent people, while their real bodies are at home, sleeping. In this way, members can indulge every fantasy they can imagine. What's more, there is no possibility of the public ever finding out what goes on in deep underground military bases, so Learning to appreciate your new clone body can, apparently, take some getting used to.

Marshall explains that in the beginning, members new to the cloning center often test the limits of their new clone bodies. He reports that clones have built-in pain sensors which can be set from 0 to 10, with total numbness at zero, all the way to full pain reception at a setting of ten. The clones of Illuminati members are usually set to zero and, since they feel no pain, they can do crazy things like jump from tall heights and crash to the floor, destroying their clone in the process.

Since they can't feel pain or get hurt, there is no reason not to take risks because their real body is sleeping safely far away. Marshall states that if your clone is destroyed, then all turns to black, but you don't die. Technicians simply transfer your consciousness and you wake up in a new clone, with full memories intact. Marshall remembers the time he carved up his own arm while he was a pain-numbed clone, just for the experience. Marshall claims that he could feel the vibrations as the knife went through, but it didn't hurt at all.

Then for a second, Marshall forgot and thought that he had cut up his own arm. Then he remembered: It's just a clone So, now that you have permission to do whatever you want, the real question becomes: what do you want to do? Marshall states that anything goes at the cloning center, where they do everything and anything you can imagine and more. No perverse act is taboo or off-limits. It seems that they have no shame, for nothing they do seems to embarrass them.

The celebrities and world leaders sit and watch people get victimized, raped and tortured for sport, night after night. Marshall says that it's even difficult to describe some of the acts of perversion he's witnessed there. He surmises that inflicting pain on others makes members of the Illuminati feel powerful and instills a sense of fear in those watching to never talk or step out of line.

For those at the clone zone, every high-octane night is packed with sex, drugs and rock n roll, where attendees are encouraged to be sexually free and indulge every fantasy in the dirt pit of the arena while they all watch.

The 2019 Met Gala red carpet arrivals and interviews: Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and more

What's more, the fun is videotaped and sent by military satellite to other cloning centers in deep underground military bases all over the world, where it is projected on bigscreens for the viewing pleasure of the global Illuminati. Then if you add sodomy, you add the abdomen of the butterfly. You could look at it that way. I say that Monarch programming is basically sodomy programming. Some people are being kept in bondage by sodomizing themselves -- [Here the telephone turns into static that takes several minutes to rectify.

E: Do you think this is at all behind the big push to accept homosexuality as normal? M: Of course. E: Do you think all homosexuals are sodomized early? They may not all have been sodomized, but a large portion were. As far as religions go, Catholics and Masons are at the top of the list. I recently freed a guy who was sodomized by a priest when he was probably three and then at thirteen was put in Boys Town in Nebraska, and the priest there would take him into a room, lock the doors, and make him do whatever he wanted him to do.

A first-hand witness of the corruption at Boys Town. What is Skull and Bones anyway but the order of death? Why are they doing things connected with the dead? Sodomy is the biggest occult power source there is, so how did they get their power without it? I was not there, I was never invited to go there, I could not have gone there because I was never a victim of sodomy as a child. Now, the Masons do recruit people who are innocent bystanders just for the image and the dues. But the real driving force of the Masons are the sodomites, just check the de Molay thing. E: Tell me a little more about the deep bond that forms among men because of sodomy.

I have been trying to help a woman for the last five years to get free of the bondage and victimization that began when she was a child.

The Hidden (And Not So Hidden) Messages in Stanley Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut” (3 Parts)

I even met with the cross-dresser and uncovered that his grandpa was a Mason who treated him like a little girl and sodomized him. All she can remember is that the wedding night was a bad night. I cast it out. She could not find any evidence on that guy until I got rid of that spirit of sodomy from him.

It is the most underrated evil power to the general public. But to the people who are in the know, they know that this is the ultimate rebellion against God Himself. This is what they hope to use to gain the whole human race for their side and defeat God Himself. M: From what I can gather, I believe they are chosen because the men start out as victims as three year olds.

I worked to help get a guy free whose mother ran a topless bar down in California and he had a tremendous internal rage. He should never have gotten in there. He went in on a football scholarship, but when they got him in there they switched him to a boxing scholarship because when he got into boxing, the rage could be turned on.

He heard that some of the initiations coming up in the second West Point year included sodomy. The denial system that kicks in produces at least in some people the ability to compartmentalize. When you compartmentalize, you can be in a certain compartment of your mind without detracting from other compartments of your mind.

E: So in the profiling that the military might use in order to find a man who fits the untapped rage pattern -- M: I could make a profile! I could take a few victims that are healed and sit them down beside me and we could bring the people through an interview and we could profile them. E: Why do I think this programming through sodomy acts so much more powerfully on males than on females?

Females are best for becoming programmed computers or human recorders. Most women are more capable of creating multiple personality systems because of the way their minds work. But the fact is that men are more aggressive, so the percentage of women who are sodomized and become perpetrators is far lower than the percentage of men who become perpetrators. But the percentage is lower with women than it is men. A higher percentage of men will transition from victim to perpetrator.

Otherwise, they have amnesiac barriers between the different compartments of their minds. Women are that way, too. A perpetrator with an amnesiac barrier is a sad, sad case because they can switch into that compartment and go out and molest, then switch out and not remember. This is the kind of person they use in Special Forces for their assassination teams because they can activate the hidden compartment that has been programmed for assassination and send them out on a mission.

A man who claimed to have been in the South African Special Forces told me of two cases where he was sent to assassinate, one in a national park in South Africa, and another in London, like in the Bourne Trilogy. I think that they could use sodomy and make them forget the whole thing. Sodomy is a spiritual thing. When he does that, that person has a spirit by the name of Ben that changes the way that person relates to things. This can even be as an adult. That spirit of sodomy was more damaging to her than the spirit of adultery or fornication. E: What is the relationship between sodomy and the House of the Strong Man?

M: If a person is sodomized, the Strong Man spirit that Jesus spoke of will be the spirit of the sodomy. So when you sodomize a three year old, you build the doll house with the three year old trapped inside, and every time that person is sodomized from that point on a Strong Man enters. M: Well, some people would like to say that multiple personalities are not spirits. For the benefit of anybody who was looking on, two thousand pigs went crazy and drowned while the man was again clothed and in his right mind. So basically all of his legion of spirits, multiple personalities, or anything you want to call them, all were gone and his mind was right.

The whole multiple mindset is a wrong mindset. M: If you got rid of every demon that multiple personality people have, they would no longer be multiple. E: So with each sodomy the House of the Strong Man gets stronger and stronger? E: With a believer who can accept that Jesus Christ can deliver them all at once, you have been able to free people from the House of the Strong Man? E: With non-believers or believers as well?

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So what are you? A lot of people do not believe me when I say that you can cast out the Strong Man, the child, and all of the multiple system at once. So why would I spend my time with some lesser kind of benefit if I already know that the ultimate goal is to achieve what I just described? I had a man once who was crazy. He had worked for twelve years to try to get free but was ready to kill his wife. Somebody told him about me and I finally found a spot for him to come.

I met with him one day, uncovered that Joseph was the Strong Man, that he was Rothschild bloodline and they had used him as a male prostitute, sodomized him as a boy in rituals to get the power of the bloodline. I cast the whole thing out in one day. Two years later he and his wife came and told me the good things that had happened. It started with devotion to the husband of Mary, whom they call St.

Joseph, and it became a symbol of the father of this system, the sodomizing father that cares for his children. This sodomy thing has been around for hundreds of years. Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Jesuits, was a Catholic mystic; he had to have been a sodomized one. Terribly cruel! The torture they put people through! Later, Joseph Mengele developed the programming and brought it up to another level. He was a Catholic alter boy. I think he was also a Rothschild and a Jesuit. The founder of the Illuminati was Adam Weishaupt, trained as a Jesuit.

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Jesus said: And as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man. They did eat, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark, and the flood came and destroyed them all. Likewise also as it was in the days of Lot: they did eat, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they built; but the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven and destroyed them all.

Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man is revealed. Luke 30, KJV Nothing wrong with marrying, buying and selling; every civilization does it. What other kind of sex do you think they could produce on those angels that they tried to break the door down to get to? They wanted to get their supernatural power. Alexander the Great was a great sodomizer and his Greek army was the most fierce. Hitler tried to pattern his SS and military after the Greek warriors using sodomy. When you put that all together, the civilizations that God wiped out boiled down to the practice of sodomy.

E: So sodomy is a lot more common than people give it credit for. I met a lady who had a web cam set up in her home for the internet and would sodomize herself in the nude for the guys out there to watch. She had been a church secretary. E: Is sodomy the connecting link between satanism, Freemasonry, and other groups, including Jesuits?

M: You remember Aleister Crowley. He was a 33rd degree Mason. E: Have you run across more satanic stuff now? It seems rife, or has it always been around about the same amount? E: What is the difference between Satan and Lucifer? M: Same person, but Jesus said Satan comes either as an angel of light or as a roaring lion. Basically, in Masonry the white and black checkered floor is the light and dark balancing factor.

Sodomy kills the soul, destroys the soul. Romans 1 describes the route to having a reprobate mind. And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient; Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness, full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity: whisperers, Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, Without understanding, covenant-breakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful: Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.

What is their relationship with demons? M: I had a guy working for me whose brother-in-law works at Area What do you think they have now? The second thing I notice is that most of the people who believe in aliens say that their first abduction occurred around three years of age. There are so many similarities to occult ritual abuse that -- Whenever you put together sodomy and ritual abuse, the demons are going to be layered in.

They give you a new mindset at three years of age, the fantasy world. This is what the whole alien thing is all about. E: How do you picture where demons live? M: The demon is a figment of your mind, it lives in your mind. E: Is its origin in your mind as well? M: You take a three-year-old child, untouched. Now, all of a sudden the child has a sodomy implant demon called Joseph riding with him. That thing was conceived or reproduced from the Joseph demon that the man had who sodomized that child. The child was given a copy, a clone of the implant.

Joe is like a copy machine that can reproduce another implant copy. E: Is sodomy worse than incest? What a crock of bull! Their rage has to come from sodomy. Why would any normal man turn to boys? M: I think so. One guy I know knew a Saudi who said that over there women are for children and men are for love. The violence and hatred in that kind of stuff is produced by sodomy; it produces the internal rage.

On him shall hang all the weight of the family, down to the lowest dregs -- all the little vessels, both bowls and pots. On that day, says the Lord of Hosts, the peg which was firmly fastened in its place shall be removed; it shall be hacked out and shall fall, and the load of things hanging on it shall be destroyed.

The Lord has spoken. Freemasonry, Theosophy, Satanism, etc. Kenneth Grant. The Magical Revival. London, England: Frederick Muller Ltd. In Aspects of Occultism, [Dion] Fortune mentions the vibrations detected in sand. She attributes Egypt's strange influence to "the electricity generated by the ever-moving sands of the great Sahara desert, which so changes the normal rate of vibration, that an extension of consciouness is the result.

The affinity between the secretions of the endocrine glands and the vibrations radiating from the subtle chakras explored by yogins, forms the basis of sexual magick which utilizes these vibrations in a way as yet unknown to science. All the so-called phallic cults originally possessed the true knowledge of these matters before it was lost or perverted by improper use. What remains of the ancient wisdom is the remnant only of debased and phallic rites The Consciousness-Current is twofold: magical and mystical.

The former operates in the lower chakras, the latter in the higher. That which ejaculates as semen is unabsorbed energy prana or ojas , and it always contributes to the creation of material forms, whether lodged in a womb or not. If not, the overflow as in masturbation, sodomy, fellatio, etc. Paracelsus refers to homunculi implants artificially generated creatures made from sperm independent of the female organism, and to implants - astral larvae and parasitic monsters built out of the substance of voluptuous imaginings The Work that lies ahead may be described symbolically as the marriage of the Beast and the Woman, the formula of which I have attempted to explain.

Its hieroglyph is the Eleventh Key of the Book of Thoth. In the union of electrochemical and stellar vibrations represented by Babalon and the Beast, lies the key to the next stage in the advancement of evolution upon this planet. We are on the threshold of profound and far-reaching change. The Aeon of Horus is the Aeon of Magick, which is Change; but unlike all previous changes in the history of the race this Change will be of cosmic magnitude and it will occur in conformity with will, or, alternatively, it will terminate abruptly in chaos and disaster Crowley illumined and exalted this simple yet radiant rite [the Ritual of the Pentagram] to a cosmic formula, merely by interpreting it in terms of New Aeon potencies.

To the East, the place of the rising Power, he attributes the Phallus the Beast , which represents the active terrestrial currents as they impregnate the earth. This activity stirs the sleeping Fire of the infernal regions the subconsciousness in the South [Ed. These are the electromagnetic lightnings that permeate Space; they are concentrated symbolically in the sphere of Sirius, the Sun in the South.

The terrestrial and celestial vibrations are fused and polarized by Babalon the Dragon of the Western Deep , to be transmitted by her and later transformed into regenerate Man, represented in the North by the Eleventh Sign of the Zodiac Aquarius whose elemental attribute is Air or Space. Through regenerated Man flows the influence of Nuit - the sky- goddess - a symbol of the cosmic energies of Infinite Space. In this simple circular process - more properly spiral, for it includes Height and Depth - is contained the entire formula of Magick in its new and cosmic mode.

With very slight variation, the formula can be made the engine for invoking those extra- terrestrial energies with which Crowley had intermittent intercourse. Bailey by the Tibetan teacher, Djwhal Khul. Bielek also said that Reich, during the time in the late 40s when he was doing research on human sexuality for the CIA, is said to have conducted orgies as part of the research, though Al B.

He also said that Reich tried to sabotage the research data when he realized what the CIA was going to do with it: MK Ultra mind conditioning for young boys through sexual trauma. Carol told me that the reason I was particularly uncomfortable at Montauk is because I had been one of the early recruits as a child. Al told us that many of the boys died before he was able to get the programmers to stop forcing their cooperation.

This would help explain my hatred for this kind of activity. Al says that as he travels around the country he now recognizes many men who had been recruited in the program. The first few hundred were taken from the immediate vicinity. After it became apparent that this would lead to exposure of the program. When you see those pics and films from the prisons of Iraq, you are witnessing the exact procedures and protocols of the MKultra programming, right in your face. Cbswork - June Hitler was a sexual deviant who would do anything to hide his sexual proclivities from the public.

This made him a puppet to any foreign country or ideology with the knowledge on him. This is known as "the wood" on a person and anyone with 'the wood' has control over that person. Hans Mend: "In we were billeted in a brewery and slept in the hay. Hitler was bedded down at night with Schmidtl, his male whore. We heard a rustling in the hay. Then someone switched on his electric flashlight and growled 'look at those two faggots' Many of the highest-placed leaders in the Nazi party, including Hitler, Roehm, Forster, von Schirach and almost all of his bodyguards were gay.

This knowledge enabled outside countries like Britain and ideologies like the Freemasons to control Hitler, his high command and his bodyguards. Hitler and his band of merry bandits became puppets with wooden strings. In this way, any foreign society can be destroyed with a leader hiding their sexuality. Hitler, Roehm, Forster and von Schirach took part in destroying their own societies while enjoying the power it gave them. Hitler was a double agent prime minister. He worked for a foreign country Britain and a foreign ideology the Freemasons. The formula proved so effective it is still used today, in politics and the media, especially with TV personalities, radio announcers, prime ministers and presidents, both male and female.

Hitler was a British Agent by Greg Hallett p. I know that Bill Clinton is bisexual, leaning far more towards the homosexual end. Consider what's been done to our society since he's been in office. Just this past year, he ordered that we have "gay celebration month" in our school system. That's not gay "awareness" day. This is gay celebration month and Bill Clinton ordered it.

It was Hilary Clinton that accessed my sex programming. It was Hilary that I was sexually exposed to. It is my experience that she, too, is bisexual, leaning far more towards a homosexual end. Our own research on Heterosexual v. The Washingtonian , as noted earlier, regularly finds men and boys pictured in naked Fascist chic, strutting the black Luftwaffe cap, boots, whips and black leather-- Fascist sadism..

Reisman, Ph. Well, every darksider I ever met was either gay or lesbian, at the highest levels or in government. When you choose anti-life, everything becomes backward. A dookey-boy is a person who has sex with other men, for the sole purpose of destroying the inner spirit of the victim. A dooker, or dookey-boy. Most catholic priests are dookey-boys. CIA, is the creation center of these types. Top of Hollywood? Cruise, Kidman, and all the rest? Gays and lesbians, CIA them all. Illuminist, all. Mulholland Drive, dude. Cbswork - June The act of sodomy is also performed to open up the victim's "third eye" which is suppose to enhance psychic ability.

During this vile act, a demonic system called, "Legion" is installed. In the King James Bible, Legion is refered to as an, "unclean spirit". This is systematically done to have complete control over the child, like creating a programmed robot. Deprogrammer Interview with Marion Knox: In the House of the Strongman, Sodomy is the Key - by Elana Freeland A perpetrator with an amnesiac barrier is a sad, sad case because they can switch into that compartment and go out and molest, then switch out and not remember. A man who claimed to have been in the South African Special Forces told me of two cases where he was sent to assassinate, one in a national park in South Africa, and another in London.

As a principle, an increase in pederasty and homosexualism parallels a militaristic Hellenic revival. History discloses that the most warlike nations are those whose male leaders were the most addicted to sexual relations with young boys The Pink Swastika documents how, from their beginning, the National Socialist revolution and the Nazi Party were animated and dominated by militaristic homosexuals, pederasts, pornographers and sado-masochists The Pink Swastika Another way of using electricity for torture is to use directed energy.

With skillful use of directed energy they can simulate a rape of a man or woman. Artificial sodomy via directed energy was first tested in male prisons. It was the arrest of the notorious Jewish born child serial killer Mr Dutroux in August that brought the Belgium Paedophile scandal to light. The rescue of the last Two young girls he kidnapped lead to an investigation of Dutroux. They said that Satanic politicians, Bilderbuggers and other high placed members of society were involved.

All of this lately got me thinking back to what happened around christmas… the time when the high-luciferian satanic goddess hooked to me and started communicating with me… I then ended up doing a spontaneous soul-merge with a black magician and absorbing or taking on his karma… I then conveniently forgot this event…as if it were a mere dream…and started actually processing out the karma. The karma was…terrible… I went through a break-down and ended up crying alone in my room right before christmas. The whole purpose of such events was to teach my soul about black magicians.

Their soul is void…null…empty…. Cybele and Adonis — State Religion of the Roman Empire — with its homosexual, pedophile satanic rituals, castrated homosexual Galli priests and Russian Skoptsy and Amazon Breast castration. All of this points to how Satanic Ritual has been used to create a psychopathic Bloodline overclass, control the lower orders and degenerate society for thousands of years whilst hiding behind Christianity.

Mad, Satanic Roman Emperors had created a disgust amongst the population for Ritual Satanic Murder Sacrifices so that it became necessary to hide their Satanism behind Roman Empire created Christianity.. Satanic Ritual has been used to create a psychopathic overclass, control the lower orders and degenerate society for thousands of years. So as to infiltrate the softening Christianity in every country in the world so as to allow them to become conquered and stay conquered - even their own populations, whilst maintaining Satanism in their own Bloodline Families.

This same process of softening Christianity conquered pagan India which had defeated Alexander the Great, whilst incorporating through marriage into the Satanic British bloodlines the Elite Indian families like Tata, so that Satanic Bloodline family over classes now rule India.. Thus Satanic Bloodline, blood and genetics become pre- eminent firstly because of Satanic teaching and family mind control techniques, creating Psychopaths to rule, but also the Satanic myth that lesser bloodlines are not truly human - the Oikes - as they are called at Eton - and thus become Satanic prey.

My blood is red. Originally believing that the Illuminati was a mystic lodge designed to illuminate one into mystical heights of ascended awareness. Some years ago a man by the name of John Todd, a member of a family who were high-level and generational members of a druidic witchcraft cult, alleged that through his occult contacts he was chosen to be initiated into a deep-level Illuminati lodge.

These occult teachings were merely a means, he soon found out, of this inner core of initiates to control the lower ranks of the lodge. The Satanic Sabbatean Frankist Rothschilds of London, he also learned, were at the very heart of this conspiracy, along with the Satanic Jesuits in Rome. The connection we make between Illuminism and Communism and Socialism, which is still very strong in mainland China as Mao was a 33rd Degree Freemason, is no coincidence, as all are socialist movements.

Also, according to well-known geo-political analysts such as Dr. Religious Missionary Schools and Universities churning out revolutionaries in the countries targetted for destabilisation. Students taken from countries - Rhodes Scholars - then educated in USA and British Universities, honey trapped by hordes of Sex Kitten Agents, recruited by the Secret Services, made Freemasons and turned on to Satanism, Mind controlled in Tavistock, and returned to their countries as Politicians and leaders of Freemasonry to take over their country for the Anglo American Empire.

Saudi Arabia has been giving million dollars annually for the creation of Wahhabist Mosques in every country of the World in order to create ISIS terrorism worldwide. Indeed the problem, reaction, solution dialectic is used by Illuminism to control society and dumb it down in this way. These lost souls were and are apparently convinced that they have the divine right to decide the fate of nations, and that the masses of humanity exist for no other reason than to serve their cause.

So much for the end-result of the false promise that was given to man by the serpent race as revealed in Genesis chapter 3, which was that men could be as gods, and that the creature could be independent from or equal to the Creator. This indeed is the way all Secret Societies work and like Russian dolls, one within the other, the secrets get more deep and more secret and that all the myths expounded by all the lower levels are lies and the highest level only tells the truth which explains all the other levels.

This final secret must be intense because only the highest psychopaths can implement it as they are Globally implementing it now…. By removing connection with their hearts and consciences they are thus less than human, a new Species looking like humans but in fact, psychopathic intra - human parasites. They are, like all humanity, Victims of the Luciferians, taught to Ritually degenerate themselves and further and further degenerate themselves in order to maintain their energy which at every stage is vampiristically harvested by the Luciferian Watchtower elite who live outside the body.

Because Luciferians live outside the body and only want to vampirise human spiritual energies in order to live forever, they will consider any solution to problems. Satanists use infil-traition to infect, take over and destroy each new civilisation using War and the false Satanic Economics of Adam Smith, Ricardo, Mills, Keynes and Von Hayek to create the destruction of infrastructure for of the, "Policy of Poverty" or Austerity to control the human herd for tens of thousands of years. Therefore we are entitled to EAT you! And so it has been for thousands of years! And so we intend to keep it!

Their lodge member urban planner and his masters are telling you: Congress? Representative Democracy? Suckers, we OWN you and your congressman. I guess the education system isn't full proof indoctrinating your children into Bolshevik Communism If you really think that my analysis is a form of softness or passivity then you really misread me and the purpose of this site. Enemy Propaganda is like this. Or do you prefer to come here, get what I hope is an honest, if generally cautious, analysis which you can then either accept or reject? My job is to try to present to you the truth as best as I can distinguish it - and see below the supporting evidence.

Even when that truth is cautious or, worse, unpleasant. Last is action Courtesy of Edward W. Carter deceased. Consciously, they have denigrated meditation in all normal, mind controlled, - non questioning - people, because the people who do not question are kind of dumb!! Meditation is one of the powers which controls the World, therefore learn meditation!! The actions I recommend are the avoidance of poison, and the active getting the poison out of the body, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually with Energy Enhancement Meditation Course either by Video or Live, with us.

Deprogram, Become normal. Spread the plan. Whilst these satanic practises activate the Kundalini; because they are against the Will of the Soul, they also convert pure positive spiritual energy which has been stored to enable Enlightenment thus perverting and degenerating those who practise these rituals into psychopathic satanists, - which is their purpose.

As well as altering the state of the involuntary nervous system, anal intercourse, according to traditional Satanic belief, results in the ejaculation of semen into the rectum, which nourishes the "Kundalini gland" much as the white of an egg feeds the fertilized yolk or embryo. Satanic Left Hand Tantric practices may be viewed by some as "degenerating", "perverted" or "deviating," and in terms of the inner meaning of words, they are.

This degeneration, this psychopathation, of the student and its movement into the perverting and degeneration of society, stopping the Evolution of Humanity as part of the, "Policy of Poverty" is the Purpose of the creation of the Satanic and Luciferian religions The Satanic Homosexual practice of Anal intercourse and of Ritual Sex with the Whore of Babylon whilst raising Kundalini also degenerates the student because the tantric or sodomiser is always connected with Demon Energy Blockages which he injects with every Satanic Initiation. In a spiritual sense, Satanic Pederastic Sodomites have been illuminated or initiated into the illumination of Lucifer.

Satanism infiltrates and takes over every genuine religion, it takes the symbols of that religion, turns them upside down and uses them in its own rituals. Satanism takes the philosophy and symbols of every religion, inverts it and thus perverts that philosophy.

By Satanic occult, we mean the perversion of formalized religious expression of pagan culture using, for example, the philosophical ideas - Homosexuality and Paedophilia - of Hellenic paganism. Modern gay homosexuality also can trace some of its roots to that movement of men and boys who wandered around the countryside, hiking and singing hand-in-hand, enjoying nature, life together, and their sexuality. Ultimately Satanic Hitler used and transformed the movement — much as the Romans had abused the paiderastia of the ancient Greeks — expanding and building upon its romanticism as a basis for the Nazi Party Rossman In, "The occult Roots of Nazism", historian Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke identifies the roots of Satanic occultism in western history: Satanic occultism has its basis in a perverted religious way of thinking, the roots of which stretch back into antiquity Real Gnosticism properly refers to the beliefs of certain heretical sects among the early Christians that possessed Gnosis, or the connection of man with the chakras above the head and thus with God A Manichaean sect called the Bogomils later called the Cathars arose in Bulgaria and spread across Europe.

We probably all take for granted the fact that to day our modern world culture is dominated by the religions based on the Mosaic law i. Judaism, Christianity and Islam. In their orthodox forms each of these religions regards homosexuality as an abomination because of their knowledge that Pagan Sex Rituals always turn Satanic.. But pagan cultures have no such prohibition. By definition, pagans are people who are not Jews, Christians or Moslems.

When pagan civilizations ruled the world, homosexuality and pederasty were widely practiced and accepted. The Satanic Perversion of all Ancient Religion, spanning all continents is written about by Homosexualist author Judy Grahn who writes, "Many aspects of shamanism had homosexual content, and many of the gods, spirits, and divinities of the world have been associated with Gayness. In Tahiti there were special divinities for homosexual worship. The ancient Shinto temples of Japan display scenes of sexual ritual orgies similar to those of the Bacchanalia of the Romans When the Spanish conquistadores reached Central America and the Yucatan, they found a prevalence of Gay priests and sacred statues and stone sculpture depicting the homosexual union as a sacred act.

In the Yucatan the god Chin is said to have established sacred homosexuality and a Gay priesthood serving in the temples just as was true of the temples of ancient Babylon and Sumeria" Grahn Christian writer George Grant concurs. Egypt, Persia, Carthage, Babylon, and Assyria were all steeped in the pederastic tradition. The ancient religion of Baal, familiar to students of the Bible as the set of beliefs and practices which so often corrupted Hebrew society in history, was one such cult. The Baal cult survived into Roman times and figured prominently in the infamous debaucheries of the Roman emperors in the first centuries after Christ.

Just reading the Bible you can come across stories such as the Daughters of Lot - of Sodom and Gomorrah - sleeping with their father so they could have children. The first daughter founded the Moabites and the second daughter founded the Caananites. The story of Ruth who was born a Moabite and who married into Judaism who renounced the Moabite practise of the human sacrifice of Babies to Molech. Commodus, who took the throne in AD, appeared in public dressed as a woman and was strangled by a catamitic [homosexual] favorite; Hadrian deified his homosexual lover Antious.

Roman Emperor Heliogabalus in Homosexual Heaven But neither matched Implanted Sexually and addicted with the Sexual addiction blockage, Roman Emperor Elegabalus, who began his rule at the age of fourteen in AD, after having been raised in Syria as a priest of Baal. He entered Rome amid Syrian priests and eunuchs, dressed in silks, his cheeks painted scarlet and his eyes made up. Elegabalus erected in Rome the great phallic asherim which the Hebrew kings had kept trying to purge from their land Karlen How does this occur?

In 64 A. Christians were blamed by Nero for the burning of Rome and were targeted for extermination. Many Christians suffered unimaginable tortures as entertainment for the sadistic homosexual emperors of Rome. Though Rome was less homosexually oriented than Greece, Roman society was nevertheless heavily influenced by homosexual and Satanic Human Sacrifice practices. Nero used to dress up as a vampire or as a wolf the festival of Lupercallus at his parties. He regularly used to rush up on a Slave Boy and rip out his throat with his teeth.

As we seek to understand Nazism, it is important to remember that Judaism and its Christian and Islamic offshoots are fundamentally opposed to homosexuality. As we begin to grasp the relationship between homosexuality and satanic occult ritual on one hand, and between homosexuals and Nazism on the other, the hatred of the Nazis for Jews and Christians may be more easily explained. The Jews were the people responsible for the demise of pagan world domination.

Their theology especially in its Christian form banished pagan practices, including homosexuality, to a hidden and often reviled sub culture. This is not to say that anti-Semitism is strictly a result of occult or homosexual influences. But at its very root there is a spiritual element to the Holocaust that suggests that it was, in some respects, vengeance against the people whose moral laws had relegated pagan sex-religions to obscurity and ignominy. Yet, while Christianity, Judaism and Islam made great strides in limiting pagan practices, they were not eliminated.

Under Judeo-Christian cultural pressure, surviving pagan beliefs and practices, including sexual perversion, were forced from public life, reemerging in secretive and mystical Satanic occultic societies. Also Drugs. Hitler was addicted to Methamphetamine. He specified that all the Army should be given Methamphetamine.

Indeed, this was true even of the Greeks, whose homosexuality was forced upon them by the Dorian invaders of the twelfth century B. Author Brian Pronger notes that even the ancient Egyptians exhibited this tendency; their warriors raped enemy soldiers after defeating them in battle Pronger It is also important to recognize that homosexual Satanic Occultism has remained a part of pagan cultures throughout the centuries to the present, even though the global predominance of the Judeo-Christian sexual ethic has limited its acceptance in most modern pagan societies such as China and Japan.

When Jesuit missionaries arrived in sixteenth century China, for example, they found widespread pederasty Spence which they quickly moved to erase. Greenberg reports on dozens of mostly primitive modern pagan societies which practice ritual homosexuality, usually pederasty. Greenberg writes, In many societies, male homosexual relations are structured by age or generation: the older partner takes a role defined as active or masculine; the younger, a role defined as passive or female Such modern societies are profiled in The Sambia, by anthropologist Gilbert Herdt, who studied homosexuality in primitive cultures.

Thus homosexuality in paganism is not a relic of antiquity but an ongoing phenomenon. And the prevalence of homosexuals as occult leaders continues today. In the context of Western culture this may simply be because homosexuals gravitate to philosophies which oppose Judeo- Christian morality. But this would not explain the wide occurrence of homosexual rituals in primitive and pre-Christian pagan cultures. Homosexualist Laurence J. Professing to be wise, they became fools, and changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like corruptible man — and birds and four footed animals and creeping things.

Therefore God also gave them up to uncleanness, in the lusts of their hearts, to dishonor their bodies among themselves, who exchanged the truth of God for the lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. For this reason God gave them up to vile passions. For even their women exchanged the natural use for what is against nature. Ironically, the Biblical event which marks the beginning of homosexual practices in the post-flood world is the same one that is misinterpreted by pseudo-Christian white supremacists to justify their racial theories. Christian researcher Dwight Pryor gives the following interpretation which we have summarized of a familiar Biblical passage.

Thus Ham be comes Canaan, for whom the land of Canaan is named. Some generations later the Canaanite cities of Sodom and Gomorrah would be destroyed by God be cause of homosexuality. A common misperception held by present day Americans is that the Nazi campaign against the Jews was driven solely by racism. However, the Nazis were equally motivated by a vicious hatred of Biblical morality.

In fact, the two were inseparable. Why should it be the Jews particularly that the German forces arrayed under Hitler want to exterminate? What does this small people stand for which was accounted hateful and obnoxious to the Nazi rulers of Germany? Or, to put the question in another way, what is there in the Jewish traditional code of morals which induced Hitler to come forward as the protagonist of the German people against the Jews? He was It preached that Germany could only achieve its racial goals and its destiny by destroying Judeo-Christian morality.

Through the German soul and through unadulterated German blood, the world will be able to return to a state of health, but only after it has been freed from the curse of Judaism and of Christianity The mission of German nationality in the world is to free this world of Jews and Christians It is the very essence of Christianity The maintenance of such barriers means the preservation of national individuality, which is essentially irreconcilable with the Christian aim of universal brotherhood Because this disintegration of racial culture has been consciously and systematically pursued by Christianity, and is still being pursued today, it is race defilement.

The Nazi regime viewed Judaism as the source of the problem but identified Christianity as the essential and willing tool by which the Jews sought to gain world domination. Hutton writes, The way in which Christianity is directed in the interests of world Jewry and its attitude toward Judaism is traceable to the undeniable fact that the founders and proclaimers of the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth were full-blooded Jews It cannot therefore be coincidence, or negligence or ignorance that consciously makes Christians Both Jews and Christians are evil because of what they believe and how they thus organize their societies.

Why then did the Nazis maintained a murder campaign against all Jews but only against certain Christians? One factor was obviously political pragmatism since a sizable number of Germans identified themselves as Christians. But another factor was that, distinct from Christianity, the Jewish identity is ethnic as well as religious. In contrast, Christianity was perceived by the Nazis as merely the theological puppet of Judaism; a tool to enslave the minds of otherwise rational people of every race. If we wish to create something new [writes Hutton] we cannot permit the existence and operation of disorganizing factors such as Christianity The Biblical Condemnation of Homosexuality A brief review of the Judeo-Christian perspective of homosexuality is appropriate here to show why Nazi homosexuals reacted so harshly to it.

Bring them out to us that we may know them carnally. Then the angels said to Lot It is an abomination. Nor shall you mate with any animal, to defile yourself with it It is perversion You shall therefore keep My statutes and My judgments and shall not commit any of these abominations I am the Lord your God. Then the tribes of Israel But the children of Benjamin would not listen to the voice of their brethren Likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust for one another, men with men committing what is shameful, and receiving in themselves the penalty of their error which was due.

Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God. And such were some of you. But you were washed, but you were sanctified, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God. This Hebrew word is in fact the severest term of opprobrium in the Bible. In light of this, Nazi hostility to Jews and Christians especially those who remained true to their faith is thus easier to understand.

Yet even this insight does not fully explain the depth of Nazi hatred. How could people be so filled with malice, we wonder, that they would seek to exterminate whole races of fellow human beings from the face of the earth? It is not surprising, then, that the roots of the Nazi evil are found in the neo-pagan revival of the late s, which manifested itself in the glorification of occultism and the subversion of the Judeo-Christian foundations of German culture.

We have addressed many elements of the neo-pagan revival in previous chapters, but to find the specific roots of the Holocaust we must revisit the occult ideologue, Jorg Lanz von Liebenfels. Himmler had been dreaming of it since , as one witness testified. Putting all the Jews on a large island — moreover, a French island — would satisfy the Nazi love of symbolism.

At any rate, the idea was put forth by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Goodrick-Clarke explains List's ideas: [List developed] a conspiracy theory that identified Christianity as the negative and destructive principle in the history of the Ario-Germanic race. If it could be shown that Christian missionaries had been intent upon the destruction of Armanist culture, its actual non- existence in the present could be related to empirical events List's account of Christianization in the historic German lands reiterated the debilitation of Teutonic vigour and morale and the destruction of German national consciousness.

Unfortunately, the occult dimension of Nazi history is overlooked by many historians who must attempt, therefore, to find materialist answers to ideological questions. And if the occult dimension has been ignored, this is doubly true of the homosexual dimension. They, of course, imagine the influence of homosexuality to be positive.

Yet the rise of homosexuality in a Judeo-Christian-based culture necessarily represents the diminution of Biblical morality as a restraint on human passions. Consequently, where Judeo-Christian ideals decrease, violence and depravity increase. These men were fanatically anti-Jew and anti-Christian because of the injunctions against homosexuality implicit in the Judeo-Christian sexual ethic. Much has been made of the reported silence, and in some cases complicity, of the supposed Christian churches during the Third Reich.

Francis Schaeffer writes of this phenomenon in The Great Evangelical Disaster: In the late nineteenth century it was these ideas [the all- sufficiency of human reason and the falsehood of supernatural religion] which began to radically transform Christianity Using these methods, the new liberal theologians completely undercut the authority of Scripture By the s liberalism had swept through most of the denominations and the battle was all but lost Schaeffer Soon, this neo-paganism had entered the weakened churches.

In September of , a pro-Nazi cleric named Ludwig Muller was appointed by Hitler to bring all evangelical congregations into one State Evangelical Church. Pastor Niemoller, leader of the Confessing Church, was later sent to a concentration camp Jackson The Nazis confiscated Protestant seminaries in Wuerttemberg and Catholic convents and monasteries in the Rhineland ibid.

Grunberger writes, The movement The Nazis made all religious activities which were not centered in the churches dependent on official permission and confiscated lists of churchgoers who were on active duty in the military ibid. The schools were heavily targeted in the strategy to deChristianize the young. Mandatory prayer in schools was stopped in , and from onward, religious instruction was completely eliminated for all students over fourteen years old ibid.

In an obscene twist, the Nazis used former Christian religious facilities, seized by the government, to establish schools in which students were trained in male supremacist ideology, using teachings from the works of homosexual theorists such as Otto Weininger Rosenthal Ever masters of the euphemism and of political sleight-of- hand, they kept the general population confused about their true motives.

But just months later these same troops marched in the Nuremberg Party Rally alongside the Hitler Youth as they sang anti-Christian songs. Away with incense and holy water In Hitler and I, Strasser records a conversation he had with Hitler, in which Strasser criticized Nazi propagandist Alfred Rosenberg for his pagan ideals.

But we must look ahead. Rosenberg is a forerunner, a prophet. The people must be increasingly wrested from the churches Never again must the churches be allowed any influence over the leadership of the people. The Nazis ultimate goal was the elimination of all the Christian churches. Their religious foundations had been systematically eroded over a period of decades by powerful social forces. By the time the Nazis came to power, German culture was spiritually bankrupt. But Christians stumbled before the flood of evil.

An open and implacable war was declared on the Christian tradition As we examine the issue of Nazi hatred for Christianity we are reminded of the common moral standard shared by believing Christians and Jews. It is a standard which unequivocally condemns homosexuality. This fact assumes enormous significance in the context of this book and causes us to question the common wisdom, which explains the Holocaust in purely racial terms.

We have shown how homosexuality figures prominently in the history of the Holocaust. The ideas for disposing of the Jews originated with Lanz. The first acts of terrorism against the Jews were carried out by the homosexuals of the SA. The first pogrom, Kristallnacht, was orchestrated in by the homosexual Reinhard Heydrich. Interestingly, the leaders of the nineteen terrorists, including ringleader Mohamed Atta, have been reported to be homosexuals.

According to Icelandic historian, S. Bergsson, in Muftism and Nazism, the leading figure in this collaboration was Haj Amin Husseini, the Mufti supreme religious leader of Jerusalem. One of the leaders of the massacre of Jews in the Arab riots in Palestine, he became Mufti in and celebrated by organizing a Jewish pogrom that year.

When the British stopped secret arms shipments to the Mufti in , he declared jihad against them, was quickly defeated and fled to Germany. From then on he coordinated a large and active worldwide network of pro-Nazi Moslems from Berlin and agitated for the extermination of all Jews. Political parties that imitated the Nazis were founded, such as the Syrian Social Nationalist Party and Young Eqypt, replete with storm troopers, torch processions and Nazi slogans.

The most significant collaborator with Hitler was Haj Amin el-Husseini General Abdul Nasser was a member of Young Egypt and made no secret of his earlier Nazi sympathies when he became president of Egypt. Oskar Dirlewanger see Chapter Six , was the creator of the dreaded SS Sonderkommando Dirlewanger which some homosexual inmates joined to gain release from Nazi concentration camps. However, historian Jamie Glazov explains the phenomenon of Islamist terrorism itself as the consequence of rampant pederasty in parts of the Arab world.

He writes, Socially segregated from women, Arab men succumb to homosexual behavior. That is because having sex with boys, or with effeminate men, is seen as a social norm. Males serve as available substitutes for unavailable women. The man who does the penetrating, meanwhile, is not emasculated The man who is penetrated is emasculated. The boy, however, is not, since it is rationalized that he is not yet a man. In this culture, males sexually penetrating males becomes a manifestation of male power, conferring a status of hyper-masculinity Like the essence of Arab masculinity, it is reduced to hurting others by violence It is excruciating to imagine the sexual confusion, humiliation, and repression that evolve in the mindsets of males in this culture.

This attitude is not found in all Islamic societies, only those which combine hyper- masculine militarism with misogyny. Another parallel is the case of terrorist leader Yasir Arafat. According to Dr. Kiernan quotes this man at length: We went one night on a training exercise, about twenty of us. We were camped in a citrus grove near Gaza in tents.

There was an emergency of some kind After that, Abu Khalid was quite open about what he did with Yasir. In fact, he encouraged all of us to participate in such activities. He said it should be a part of the guerrilla way of life It created a closer bond among us. Most of us sooner or later were doing it as a regular way of life. Some of us even gave pleasure to Abu Khalid, and him to us. But he would never let us touch Yasir. Yasir was his special province Kiernan Arafat is more often identified by his critics as a pederast than simply a homosexual, but we did not find documentation of his alleged abuse of boys.

Recent events show that common cause still exists between Islamic radicals and Nazis: both celebrated the terror attacks of September 11th. We have shown that a hidden motive for Nazi anti- Semitism was a deep hatred of Biblical morality. This conclusion, supported by the comments of key Nazi thinkers, provides a more satisfying explanation for Nazi policies than does racism alone. The Nazis were apparently not hostile to Moslems, even though Islam ostensibly draws its authority from the same Bible. This was not merely the pragmatic tolerance of a military ally.

It seems likely that the Nazis were genuinely drawn to their hyper-masculine brothers-in- arms because they shared a common homoerotic spirit. We will find that this thread of homoeroticism is woven throughout the history of post-Hitler fascism as well. Hay is his American counterpart in the sense that both men launched enduring social movements in their respective cultures.

The avowed purpose of each was to undermine the Judeo-Christian moral consensus in respect to homosexual relations. And both had been molested as boys though some suggest that this is the rule rather than the exception among homosexual men. Though Hay was in his 70s, and is not directly linked to any of the property destruction associated with ACT-UP demonstrations, his presence validated the terrorist tactics of the group.

Slowly at first, from innumerable obscure sources, came theories, public statements and actions in support of the social acceptance of homosexuality. And as the power of the homosexualist political lobby grew, so did the ugliness of its demands and its methods.