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Once the wedding-planning frenzy started, you thought you had it under control. Listening to wedding rants about seating plans and first-dance songs?

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No problem. Throwing a shower and a debauched last hurrah? Done and done. That is when you remember the wedding toast. Normally talking about your best friend is no big deal. But, now you have to figure out how to keep it short, sweet, somewhat PG-rated, and ultimately memorable. It is a lot to ask from one toast, especially if you've already been "toasting" throughout the day.

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The expression dates back to the beginning of the 18th century when it was used among university students and eventually made its way into every day language. In a ceremonious context and in connection with a short speech, the English word "toast" may also be used. Like the colloquial "prost", "prosit" was originally used by university students. In German, synonyms like "Wohl bekomm's!

The acclamation itself is also referred to as a "prosit". The verb form is "zuprosten", where the prefix "zu" means that the speech act is targeted at one or several people. In the Swabian dialect , the word has the further meaning of a belch , called a "Prositle". The acclamation is followed by the clinking of glasses, often linked to other rules like making eye contact. This ritual is commonly attributed to a medieval custom, whereby one could avoid being poisoned by one's drinking companions, as a few drops of each beverage got mixed when clinking glasses.

There is every likelihood that this did not work. It was much more effective for one table to share one or more drinking vessels, a procedure which was common for a long time.

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In Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian, prosit is a blessing used in response to a sneeze, in the same way the English expression "bless you" is used. In Germany , toasting, not necessarily by words but usually just by touching each other's drinking vessels, is usually a very closely observed part of culture. In private company, no one should drink a sip of alcohol before having toasted all the other people at the table.

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In doing this, it is very important to look directly into the other drinker's eyes. Not practising this is considered rude and often, humorously, believed to attract all kinds of bad luck e. In the British Royal Navy, the officers' noon mess typically began with the loyal toast , followed by a toast distinctive for the day of the week:.

The sequence was also prescribed in at least one publication for the United States Navy. A toast might be spontaneous and free-form, a carefully planned original speech, or a recitation of traditional sentiments such as this Irish example: [31]. May the road rise to meet you.

Toast (honor)

May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face.

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And rains fall soft upon your fields. And until we meet again, May God hold you in the hollow of His hand. In various cultures worldwide, toasting is common and to not do so may be a breach of etiquette. The general theme of a toast is "good luck" or "good health". At formal meals in certain countries of the Commonwealth of Nations, the first toast to be proposed is traditionally the Loyal Toast " The Queen ".

Champagne Toast

This may be adapted in other countries to give a loyal toast to the appropriate Head of State. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Toast disambiguation. Retrieved Suspendisse urna quam, volutpat sagittis sapien ac, lectus. Cras suscipit magna sedfinibus iaculis. Nam feugiat placerat lacinia. Aenean posuere turpis nulla, non vestibulum purus volutpat in. Nulla placerat dignissim risus, at sollicitudin est ultricies eu.

Suspendisse ornare dui a mi lobortis, in mattis sem dignissim. Curabitur inest ornare, finibus augue accumsan, aliquetmagna. Etiam eu dui non tellus luctus egestas in eu neque.